Please note that the traffic situation has changed as a result of working in the Burgstraat 
between 06/08/2019 and 25/12/2019.


- Between 06/08/2019 and 25/12/2019 there will be road  works in the BURGSTRAAT on 'tram line 1'. Hotel Gravensteens is always accessible by car IF you follow the route description on our website (!). 


- Between 09/08/2019 and 11/12/2019, tram stop "Gravensteen" near the hotel has been abolished. Get off at  "Korenmarkt" stop (350m)


- There will be an alternative for exiting the parking lot of Hotel Gravensteen during the utility works in the Burgstraat, this will be adjusted in phases. The receptionist will help you with this. 

Circulation plan Ghent

The ‘Jan Breydelstraat” is a one-way street and cannot be reached via the “Burgstraat”, hence the route via “Drabstraat”.

If there is no availability on our car park, you can go the P7 or P8 (public parking), both located in walking distance from the hotel.

P7: Sint-Michielsplein 8, 9000 Gent (€26/day)

P8: Ramen 23, 9000 Gent (€16/day)

The hotel is easily accessible via public transport. If you come from Ghent-Sint-Pietersstation, take tram number 1 (direction Evergem): the tram stops 50m from the hotel (the stop is called ‘Gravensteen’)

  • On the highway E17/E40 direction “Gent” you take exit “Gent Centrum” (B401)
  • Follow “Alle Richtingen”, turn left under the bridge and follow direction “Eeklo”.
  • You are driving now on the “Sint Lievenslaan” and continue this street “Charles de Kerkhovelaan, Godshuizenlaa, Marterlaarslaan, Einde Were” (2.5km)
  • At intersection “Einde Were - Nieuwewandeling” you have to turn right, at the traffic lights (direction Centrum-Gevangenis).
  • You are now in the “Nieuwewandeling (N430)” and continue the road to intersection “Brugsepoortstraat”. You turn right, here.
  • Follow the road “Hoogstraat” until the end.
  • You arrive at “Poel”
  • “Turn left, you are at the Drabstraat”

(!)Attention, you are now entering the car-free zone(!)
Important to call the reception of the hotel to ask for available parking space (09/225.11.50). When arriving at the reception after you parked the car, pass along your license plate.

  • Turn left, you are at the “Jan Breydelstraat. Halfway the street is our parking lot on the left side.